Extra virgin olive oil «THEOFILOS» and «MYTILINIO» is carefully treated at every stage of the production, has excellent organoleptic characteristics. It’s light fruity distinctive flavor and it’s pleasant aroma can satisfy even the most demanding consumers. With a low acidity (0.1% - 0.8%) it is suitable for raw consumption (salads, vegetables, on bread) and light cooking (for casseroles or baked).
It is available in tin containers of 5 Lt, 3 Lt and 1 Lt, glass bottles of 1 Lt, 750 ml, 500 ml and 250 ml and pet bottles of 1 Lt.


Virgin olive oil «MYTILINIO» is an olive oil of excellent quality and responds to those consumers who want a richer and more intense flavor. Its pleasant aroma and its acidity at around 1% make it suitable for raw consumption and especially for any kind of cooking. It preserves all the nutrients of extra virgin olive oil having the same beneficial properties.
It is available in tin containers of 5 Lt and pet bottles of 1 Lt.


Olive Oil «AEOLIKO» and «MYTILINIO» is a mixture of Virgin Olive Oil and Refined Olive Oil.
LESEL in accordance with internationally approved methods produces its Pure Olive Oil by mixing Virgin Olive Oil (of acidity around 1.0%) and Refined Olive Oil (acidity 0.2%). The final acidity of Pure olive Oil is 0.1-1.0% and it is more suitable for cooking and frying. Pure Olive Oil has a higher nutritional value than other vegetable oils and fats such as Olive Pomace Oil, Corn oil, Peanut oil, Soy oil, Butter etc. Pure Olive oil undergoes no substantial structural change and maintains it’s nutritional value for a longer period in comparison to other edible oils. This is due not only to its antioxidant properties but also to its high oleic acid content. Pure Olive Oil has a high smoking point (210°C), which is substantially higher than the ideal temperature for frying food (180°C). By carefully filtering the olive oil after each frying, can be used a number of times for healthy and tasty meals. However, it can be used on salads by those who want a stronger taste and a more intense flavour.It is available in tin containers of 5 Lt and pet bottles of 1 Lt.


LESEL wanting to offer a comprehensive range of products derived from the olive tree offers “Mytilinio” pomace olive oil as well. Pomace oil is a blend of refined pomace oil (oil from the pomace) and virgin olive oil and it is suitable for pastry and cooking. It has the same resistance to frying as the olive oil, which means that it is clearly more durable than the seed oils. It is recommended undoubtedly for healthier fried food.
It is distributed in tin containers of 5 Lt and pet plastic bottles of 1 Lt.


This is the traditional natural soap of LESEL, a really pure product based on olive oil without any animal fats or chemical color additives. It takes care of the skin more than other synthetic products and contributes to maintaining the natural moisture of the skin preventing drying. It is even used for washing clothes of young children to avoid detergents to which the skin of infants is very sensitive.
It is available in white and green color in different packages and sizes and a large part of the production is distributed abroad.