Our Products

Our passion for excellence directs our selection of carefully chosen Olive Oil products.

LESEL SA has carefully chosen producers from all around the island of Lesvos-Mytilini (Greece) that grow and produce only the highest quality olive oil using strict quality standards. Our partners are people that have sheer knowledge of every step of the olive oil production, but above all they share intense passion for exceptional olive oil.

Lesvos island olive oil owes it's fruity taste, pleasant aroma, light weight texture and golden colour to the varieties of Kolovi, Adramytini and Ladolia olive, cultivated on the island for over 4000 years.

It's uniqueness lies in the golden color due to it's rich content in carotenes, a natural antioxidant that protects from oxidation and degradation and retains it's nutritional value.

LESEL SA produces six types of quality olive oil. Each one of the products is characterized by unique attributes that give them their special personality.

Proprietor of the brand names Lesvos Gold, Cotinos, Theofilos, Mytilinio and Aeoliko we have the competence and expertise to export our products, providing Marketing services to our collaborators and customers. Offering our expertise and loyalty to our work, we focus on developing and expanding in new markets, as well as strengthening our brand names. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality Olive Oil products, reliable and cost effective, conforming to industry best practices and every country's legislation, while creating a challenging work environment for our employees.