Our Principles

Having as our principles the provision of quality Olive Oil Products, dealing with integrity and reliability in our transactions with all stakeholders, having committed people and above all true passion for excellence, we invest in creating stable and enduring collaborations. In LESEL we work with enthusiasm to create added value to our customers, the represented brands, our people and our shareholders. Our philosophy clearly describes the guiding lines under which LESEL was established.

Our corporate philosophy that all of our people cherish and follow, is included in the following core values and ideas:

Operate with integrity

The cornerstone of our business is the operation of LESEL under ethical practices. All our transactions and collaborations with all parties involved are directed by complete transparency, integrity and fairness.

Create a challenging work environment

In LESEL we provide our employees with the adequate resources in order to develop and emerge their special abilities and skills.

Create strong relationships

We value every partaker in our business, whether a customer, shareholder, partner or employee and try to build strong everlasting relationships with each and every one of them. We aim to build sincere communication thus we listen to all aspects and opinions.

Value and respect diversity

We are a company that interacts in a multinational environment so we highly value and respect people of different cultures, religions and traditions and try to create a positive impact through our co-operation with them.